Artist Block Exercise

Every now and again that infamous artist block hits you. And you get scared of that blank piece of paper. You sit there and just stare at it desperately trying to work out what exactly to draw. This sort of reminds me how you go back to the fridge every 5 minutes expecting some hocus pocus magic to happen for a new snack to appear there.

Sometimes it is easy to come up with some grand ideas and new projects. But sometimes we lose that momentum and we end up procrastinating for far longer than we should. It is good to take a break but when a break turns into months of doing nothing then there is something that needs to be changed.

And let me help you. I want to show you a mega easy and fun exercise to do when you have one of those bad days but want to fill in that double page in your sketchbook.

For this you will need :

  1. Paint of some sorts. I use watercolours as that is my main medium but feel free to use any paint going.

  2. Paintbrush.

  3. Markers. A thin one and a thick one.

  4. I also used white gel pen.

Now quickly without thinking too much paint some silhouettes of people. Standing, walking, jumping etc. You can find hundreds of reference photos on Pinterest if needed!

I have also added some dark silhouettes behind the figures. Probably not the best idea but it doesn't matter.

Now with your marker start quickly drawing faces, clothes. Spice it up by adding some mark making. My intention was to use white gel pen on dark silhouettes but it didn't really work out the way I imagined it would.

And Voila! We have a fun and slightly crazy double page spread. I also have a quick time lapse on my Instagram account of this exercise. It is super fun to draw and I ended up doing three double page spreads before I had to stop myself. If you haven't tried this one yet I strongly recommend you do! And when you do please post it on Instagram and tag me @one_tooth_moose so I can see your beautiful creations!

Bye for now you lovely people.

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