Trapped. This is how we are starting to feel or maybe already been feeling like this for a while. Most of us are yet again trapped in our own homes. We are yet again working from home. Homeschooling children. Some of us are stuck in abusive relationships. And some of our mental health is plummeting even further.

These are such hard times and sometimes it feels that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. It feels that we are trapped within these four walls and the room is too small, we are starting to feel claustrophobic. There is a small window. But we can't reach it. So we just sit there. Vulnerable. Hoping this will end soon. Hoping that one day we can put it all behind.

But our walls are starting to crack.

I wanted to depict the feeling of despair and depression. This painting is no longer painted in expressive and vibrant colors but rather in very earthy and soft tones.

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